Starting today I am putting myself under a lot of pressure, and as bad as it sounds I need this.

What we forget, for those who are in target, sales and service driven workplaces- is that every action put in place is to work towards a bigger picture, your targets, your sales, the processes that you may not wish to accept are all working towards a bigger plan. This is a scheme for your workplace, company or franchise of a larger scale for its own targets, goals, production and expansion.

I am determined to achieve the targets I have set and need to constantly remind myself of this as I forget, getting caught up with what may seem minor tasks in the work place, without looking at the bigger picture.

What I advise, after learning the hard way, is to work out your own big picture, to fit into the initial big plan. Whether that be the company, your boss’ plans for you or something else, once you are on the same page and you have your goal figured out you are able to set the stepping stones and smaller goals to get you there. Never bite off one big chunk, it’s hard to chew and process, smaller ones are easier to wrap your head around and keep that spark you need glowing.

There are so many factors that are involved in achieving goals and setting stepping stones that can make or break your motivation or foothold in the bigger picture, and as long as you are willing to work, track, trust and change within your plan and the plans set for you, you may find it difficult to fail.

I have put a lot of thought into these words and they may not apply to you in your workplace, or may not even make sense to you (as I felt like a ramble). They could (somehow) apply to you in your life(style), family or schoolwork if you think about it, all that needs to be done is trusting that you can achieve your goals, and if you can’t- don’t fret, maybe you should just take a smaller step.


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