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Time to show you my Everyday Essentials

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These things are my everyday essentials, the ones I hardly ever go without. It is coming into Autumn here, some days it has been windy, cold and wet- so its time to bring on the warmer wardrobe!



everyday essentials 2


CANON 70D– obviously this isn’t pictured here but we brought our new Canon EOS 70D camera recently, for my early valentines gift, this has been taking all of the photos. I love this thing and I never realised how shoddy my camera was in comparison. You don’t need one of these, but I have been yearning for one for years, so thanks to Matty for that!

NICA ELLE TRIPLE COMPARTMENT BAG– Ive done a “Whats in my bag” post on this bag and I still love it to death. This comes everywhere with me.

PIECES BLANKET SCARF*– I got this Pieces Blanket Scarf recently when the weather was colder by a website called Fashion Lane. Fashion Lane is a newly launched NZ sale website, sister to the Australian website which sources sale items from places like Asos, River Island, Boohoo etc.

Online shopping for clothes was never something I warmed to- I looked all the time but exchange rates, other currencies and too much choice always stressed me out as I never knew where to look and what to choose. Fashion Lane sources the sales and makes online shopping easy from the brands that are hard to reach in NZ and brings them all to one site which is perfect for me. I spotted this Pieces blanket scarf on sale at Asos through Fashion Lane and loved it, as there are mainly summer clothes available in the NZ stores, it made sense to add it to the cart! It is just the right size so it is large but you’re not drowning and I love the neutral colour.




everyday essentials 1

COTTON ON BLAZER- I picked this grey cotton blazer from Cotton On before my trip to Wellington and it has turned into my go to for extra warmth and for dressing up jeans and boots. It is so soft, and lined with silky material (it wasn’t expensive clearly) that makes it cooler on the skin which is great as we’re not completely out of summer yet. This dark grey works well with my colours of choice (Black, white, cream, navy, emerald, pink, burgundy and grey tones) so it fits with ALL of my outfits. 

BOOHOO FLAT CHELSEA BOOTS*- These Boohoo Flat Chelsea Boots were another Fashion Lane purchase from Asos. With the rain and the cold I prefer to trade in my summer shoes and these have been working perfectly with skirts, dresses and skinny jeans. They are simple, flat and easy to style- loving them.




everyday essentials 3

STARBUCKS COFFEE CUP– This was one of those things I saw and just had to have. This colour, I’m totally in love with it- that burgundy plum colour. Its infatuation Ill tell you. I take a cup of tea, lemon water or coffee to work on those cold days- or any day in general, and I like to have my own cup (No, I don’t buy my coffee everyday) and this one fits perfectly in my handbag but its not too small.

MARC JACOBS DAISY– What kind of everyday essentials would this be if I didn’t include my favourite fragrance? Yes Its Marc Jacobs Daisy and yes, its delicious.

MAC TWIG– You all know I love this lipstick and it just adds that extra pop of colour to my outfits, alternatively I will go for MAC Brave or Estée Lauder Signature Lipstick in Dune Rose.

ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR BRUSH ON GLOW BB HIGHLIGHTER– This highlighter is obviously a mouthful, but the product is just as much a statement as the name. I need this in my life now, it literally brightens my day (or face, that is). I’ve been carrying this around in my bag as of late.

My other Everyday Essentials also consist of the boring stuff like my iPhone 6S and Mints, but who needs to see that really. I hope you enjoyed this style of post!



*These items were chosen by me but paid for by Fashion Lane. All opinions are my own.



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