YES I did partake in some patronage, no I did not spend a ton!

I have been a good little girl and saving up my Farmers rewards instead of buying a candle every time I receive one (I am extremely guilty of this). So yes, I was good and decided to get something I wouldn’t usually get. I got a primer.





Normally I would not give this product a single glance, not one. I went to the Estée Lauder counter at my local Farmers looking for something to brighten up my complexion through the oncoming, dreary, winter months and since I have the vouchers, why not? I was originally looking for the highlighting pen much like the YSL Touché Éclat- but they didn’t stock them there to my disappointment, as this was a tad more expensive and not entirely what I was looking for. Then the lovely sales woman told me about this, she showed me how you can use it as a highlighter as well as a primer, I do love a good two-in-one. It goes on smooth, you don’t need much, and apparently lasts a fair while, it is indeed brightening and can be used on top of your make up for a gorgeous highlight.

After all of that she also decided to give me some samples. My beloved Sumptuous Extreme Mascara and the divine Night Repair Creme. I seriously love these sample products, and they are wonderful to look at on the dresser. I left the store feeling like a very spoiled, lucky girl.

I noted I may be in to visit the Estée Lauder counter maybe a little too much, located right across the road from my work it is hard to avoid, I walk past it on my way to work every day. Time to reign in the self-discipline next time, as I won’t be armed with vouchers and the charm on the sales woman is pretty hard to resist- damn those people skills.

I am looking forward to really using these products, they smell as divine as they look. Have any of you tried these products? What did you think?

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