Estee Lauder & Colette Spoils

I went for a little trip back home yesterday, and when you go home you have to check out your favourite stores.

I popped into Farmers and purchased the Estee Lauder Ideal Light Brush-On Illuminator pen and I also picked up a little clutch from Colette.

IMGP0004IMGP007 IMGP0007IMGP0022 IMGP0010


Unfortunately my camera decided to go flat on me after these photos, so please excuse the blurry face of the day shot. I will upload some more once my camera is up and running, or maybe even to my instagram.

I was thoroughly impressed with the Estee Lauder Illuminator pen as I did not realise how much of a difference it would actually make, it makes you’re eyes pop and adds so much light to your face, even after a tiring day of travelling like mine. As you can see my eyes are bloodshot as I am tired, but the bags under my eyes are barely visible.

As for my Colette clutch, I am in love. This is the “Brandy Metal Trim Clutch in Black.  I have never specifically gone out to buy a clutch before, and it is so handy! I have a massive massive handbag usually, I did a “Whats in my bag” a while ago, and it is so nice to have something that just carries the essentials rather than the kitchen sink.

Ive been going for a bit more gold, which is not like me at all, and I love the rose tints to the exterior. It comes with a fine gold chain which is long and can be draped over your shoulder. It is such a simple, classic piece, gorgeous.