I thought it was about time I did a product review of the product that I have been using constantly since I purchased it.

This, ladies and gents, is the Essie Forever Young Nail polish. The colour is perfect for Christmas, or any time of year, and goes with pretty much every red you can wear.I first saw this product a couple weeks ago after seeing it at Farmers, and had completely forgotten the stand had been put up here aside from the fact that I was completely excited about it. They have a wonderful range of reds, and other colours, to choose from and I really did have to think hard about the decision since my work uniform is also red.

I have only recently got into the more expensive brands of nail polish, I always had dealt with clear as that was all I had ever really known, and the quality of this is just as impressive as that of O.P.I which in the store I would buy for $26NZD, whereas Essie go for $22. I personally love this brand more not only of the price but of the wonderful range they offer- the stand at farmers is not as big as the O.P.I stand, but I love how the Essie colours offer a variety of shades rather than a vast variety of different colours- although they do that too. I enjoy having a selection of different reds and neutrals rather than having one or two to choose from.I have reapplied this nail polish once on my toes and fingers and I find it lasts a wonderful amount of time, I even applied the first time with a cover coat, the second I did not, and I barely notice the difference. This colour and brand has me extremely impressed and I will be going back for more during the Christmas season.

If you are looking for a product that has lasting power and is accessible, I would definitely suggest this! This may or may not be a little pricey for nail polish but wherever it sits on the shelf it is definitely worth it! Hope you enjoyed the review, dolls, have a marvellous evening/morning and Ill be chatting soon! XXAmbermarie

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