Empty Exposure: Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner



Hey Everyone!

Instead of uploading this as a monthly favourites (which I may still do yet) I thought this product deserved a post of its own, and so I created Empty Exposure.

I picked this baby up at the start of July and have been using it pretty much all the time, I can fairly say you can get at least 15 whole body washes out of this tub, but you could get waaaay more as I use it often, and I am very generous with the amount I use.

This is the Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, and like the name suggests it is practically a in-shower body conditioner that is super handy.

I will first start with scent, which is the most simple and alluring thing about a body product for me, if it smells great- thats half the battle won. This has a sweet jam scent to it, with subtle florally rose accents that aren’t overpowering or, since I hate rose smells, plain gross. I cannot justify to you how much I dispose florally rose aromas and this is nothing like it, it actually does smell like rose jam and it is perfect.

The next thing is the packaging. Of course it comes in one of Lush’s classic black pots, which is great, it does the trick and only a little fiddling at the end when you’re as eager as I am to use every last drop of this jammy goodness.

The actually product is incredible, great packaging and smell aside, this does everything a body conditioner should. It contains great ingredients such as cocoa butter, argan oil, almond oil, shea butter and brazil nut oil and is fantastically nourishing to the skin. It comes in a beigy pink hue and the consistency is velvety smooth and thins out against the damp skin to make it more long-lasting than expected. The product sinks into your skin within seconds, so you’re not standing freezing your butt off while waiting to wash it off and once you step out of the shower you can feel the oily residue on your skin which you just pat in with your towel. Normally lazy with moisturisers I haven’t had to touch the stuff since I have had this, although you could make it last all the more longer (not to mention making it the treat your skin deserves) if you only want to use it once a week by moisturising your body also with something else.

I have noticed small scars disappearing and skin tone evening out while using this which is not something this product is advertised to do but is an added bonus. I do not have a bad word to say about this (other than the fact that I wish it came in a never-ending tub) and would highly recommend to anyone. So sad to see this run out, I will be repurchasing immediately!

I hope you liked this style of post and please tell me if you would like to see more, or have had the pleasure of loving this product as much as I have. xx ambermarie.


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