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Emmie SUnglasses

I had seen these Emmie Sunglasses featured on Onceit,  I had been watching them come on and off sale for so long and lusting after them all the while. I have been unable to find them elsewhere but I love them. I’ve never been into style the way I am now. I’ve never looked through magazines and paid attention to designers, or looked through shopping sites adding and removing things from my cart. This is just someone I have become. You could say blogging did it to me, but I am all for self improvement. I now look up to others for their classiness and their design knowing that one day I’ll make something for myself.


I know people don’t promote themselves often or say they will achieve things, people say they want to achieve things. So do I. But when it comes to my blog and my style I know for a fact that I will make something of it because thats what I want. When I want something I put in 110% percent. I am one of those people who will work hard and long, just so long as I enjoy it. Style and my blog do that for me.

These sunglasses were a big step in the style direction for me. I pulled these out and my colleagues and friends looked twice. Some loved them, some asked me if I would seriously wear them. This is when I became proud of my tiny, minuscule milestone. You don’t have to be outrageous to be fashionable, but pulling of something confidently is some big part of your vogue.

Emmie Sunglasses

I am not going to go into much detail about how gorgeous the Emmie Sunglasses are, because honestly. They are stunning. I enjoy these every moment I wear them and hope that I will be able to start a little style collection for myself. I will work harder on showing myself in my blog- it has been one of my resolutions but for now enjoy these.



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