I have been thinking about picking up the perfect vintage wine coloured nail varnish and I definitely found it in Essie’s Bordeaux. I am sure there are at least five different rules that warrant purchases of any deep red or burgundy item at this time of year- nail varnish is no exception.

The thing I fell in love with was the total vintage feel of this nail varnish. It is a classic, build-able red that is perfect no matter the situation. Please excuse my shocking application of polish, I don’t seem to get any better.


As Christmas falls in New Zealand’s summer deep colours can be pulled off any time of year, also the fact that the sun hasn’t really kicked in yet. I am totally in love with this colour and feel particularly festive, I will be wearing this one quite a bit. Two coats of this gem and a top coat of No Chips Ahead and it will be shining for plenty of time. Although No Chips Ahead takes ages to dry, seriously, it is well worth the wait- this stuff really makes your nails shine and adds double lasting power. This really is a dynamic duo.


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