This salad is full of ingredients that are great for your body. Tender kale, crunchy almonds with a zestily sweet dressing and a hint of parmesan. Its super quick to make and will keep you feeling nourished and energised. This is great for lunch or dinner and is super versatile, you are able to add chicken or fish for added protein!

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A bunch of fresh kale, any kind will do

1/4 cup of home made mayo or hollandaise (if using hollandaise you will need not juice the whole lemon, half will do!)

2 tbsp olive oil or coconut oil- melted

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper or paprika

1 lemon, squeezed and the zest grated

1 tbsp raw organic sugar or coconut sugar

1/4 cup of grated fresh parmesan

3/4 cup of roughly chopped or sliced almonds or brazil nuts (I chopped fresh ones myself but you can buy them chopped or sliced in store)


First you will need to wash and trim your kale. Make sure you pat the water off the kale leaves with a clean tea towel, then you will need to strip the flesh of the leaves off the stalks and chop these into small pieces. Add these to a bowl and you will need to massage the kale leaves to add sweetness, wilt them slightly and make them tender. I do this by combining them in a small ball in my hands and squeezing a pushing them together, moving the ball of kale around in my hands to make sure you are tenderising all the leaves. I used fresh kale from my garden, but store brought kale is just as good.

Place the kale back in the bowl and you are now ready to add the zest, almonds and parmesan, toss this thoroughly. With the remaining ingredients combine in a bowl or jar- this is your dressing. Add salt and pepper as desired, once mixed and the taste is to your liking drizzle over kale, almonds and parmesan and mix well. This is best eaten the same day but you can store it in your refrigerator minus the dressing like I did until you are ready to eat. Enjoy!

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