The Coffee Alternatives…


If you’ve been here a while you would have noticed that I have a slight coffee addiction (or a massive one….), but really, I don’t know many who drink coffee that aren’t. We need help finding a coffee alternative and sometimes need a bit of an substitute when realisation strikes that the addiction is real, and slightly out of hand. Time to show your body some love.


One thing I have really been loving is Mint Tea. Honestly, just water and a whole bunch of fresh mint leaves- its a winner. Lemon Water is another thing that I like to drink that is super quick, especially in the morning.

Lemon Water took a lot of getting used to for me, I found it too acidic and not sweet enough (can you tell I drink my coffee with milk yet?). If you’re with me on this there is never any harm in adding some raw honey to the mix- Lemon and Honey water is extremely comforting not to mention good for you as long as you’re not overdoing it.

Herbal Teas are something I was into before my coffee addiction started. Peppermint Tea is a favourite here as well as Chamomile, Rose & Raspberry Sencha, Mojito Sencha and good old Green Tea (any fruit flavour is an added bonus). You can locate loose leaf teas such as a few mentioned above from a local equestrian or, if you’re lucky enough, tea store.

Sometimes though, you need the comfort of a hot milky drink and tea doesn’t cut it. This is where homemade chai and hot chocolates come in. I have a couple recipes dotted around for these (like here) that work wonders on a cold night or when you’re feeling a little down.

I hope these coffee alternative suggestions help a lot, as a person who turns to hot beverages at any time of the day, year or occasion we coffee drinkers forget there are more nutritious alternatives out there, enjoy!

  • I am also kinda addicted to coffee, some days I end up drinking more than 4-5 cups a days which is not good. However when it gets warmer, I reduce the amount I drink and lean towards something more healthier, like lemon water. Apparently if you drink lemon water right after you get up, it helps you burn fat!

    Ela BellaWorld

    • I totally agree- summer is easier to lean more towards the teas and fruit waters. Lemon water is something I do frequently to help aid my coeliac, but I have noticed a difference in my weight since I’ve been more mindful!