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Clean, Simple, Delicious Cacao Bliss Balls. Lately I cannot stop making these things. Every week I whip up a new batch. Not only are these things good for your chocolate cravings, they are excellent for the children lunch boxes. In my case, my manchild.

Matthew adores these. He requests a new batch every time he notices them missing from his lunches (Yes I make his lunches every day, and yes-he’s bloody lucky).  Slowly I have been perfecting my recipe to make them cleaner. I think I’ve got a winner.

They are little balls of chocolate, nutty, healthy goodness. They are quick and simple to make. Try and leave them in the fridge for more than a couple days- I dare you. They are totally moreish.

I got the initial recipe from my food bag- they send prepackaged baking for the lunches we order. The ones they had, I could not eat for they had flour in. I decided to make my own and totally eyeballed the recipe. I played around with it and I think I finally have it!

Add things in and take things out as you see fit- but heres the base recipe.




 Gluten Free Oats- 1 Cup

 Desiccated Coconut- 1 Cup

 Whole Hazelnuts- 1 Cup

 Cacao Powder-

 Medjool Dates (fresh is preferred but you can soak dried for 15 mins in water)- 2 Cups

Raw Honey- 2TBSP


Dark chocolate chips (I sometimes put these in Matthews)-1/4 Cup


Maca Root Powder (if they are for me- it helps the girly things)- 1 TBSP


Blend all together in a food processor and roll into balls. Put into fridge to harden overnight and store in fridge for up to a week (if they last that long)

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