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Hi, I’m Amber and I am a Hand Cream Junkie… and I’m trying out the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment!

I NEED hand cream. I take it everywhere and always have one close by. I don’t need to say I go through hand cream like nobody’s business and I thought I would share with you what I think about this new addition.

I work with a lot of aircon. I also garden and work with money, washing my hands is something I do frequently and so all of these factors take a toll on my hands. Living with Coeliac I also find my nails weak so my hands can always do with some extra loving. I had never tried a more high end hand cream before (My go-to is The Body Shop Almond Hand Cream) and thought I would test the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream out and see if there is a difference. If it’s good enough for the Queen, its good enough for me, right? (True fact!)

They first thing I always check with a hand cream (after the price versus size of product) is how long it takes to sink in. Something about a greasy hand cream just doesn’t sit right with me, it wastes time. This one sinks in very fast, and leaves your hands feeling nourished.

Next I think about the smell, I’m all about the smell of things and this one is the final deal breaker before purchase. This one has a clinical yet fresh and sweet scent which I really don’t mind. I don’t love the scent, but I’m quite happy to put it on my hands day in and out so it can’t be that bad, especially seeing as it is made of all botanical ingredients which I DO love. The ingredients In this include aloe vera, shea and coconut, all of which I love. I have noticed my nails growing faster and getting stronger and I want to continue to use this.

The only thing I don’t like about this hand cream is the fact that it runs out so quickly, and thats because I am reaching for it SO often, I absolutely love it, and unlike the other hand creams I remember to use it. Others sit around forgotten half empty because I’m bored of them. To conclude I really love the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment cream, it works wonders on the hand, has good value for money and is totally luxurious. I will be repurchasing this beauty!


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