I have decided that every couple of days I will make a post about my Christmas Necessities. Things that I deem as must-have’s during Christmas.

If you all didn’t know, Christmas in New Zealand is during the Summer, there is sun, beaches, picnics, water- all the good things in life, however, there is one thing I can’t live without during the merry season-


(or any other hot beverage, but ill stick with hot choc for this post)

I thought I would entice you all with my favourite pickings of hot chocolate for the season that is joyous.

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Avalanche is my favourite brand of drinking chocolate. Obviously they have a range of flavours including my favourite- marshmallow melt (although I do love them all). They are light and have great flavour, if I want a richer hot chocolate I just add more.

They also have a sugar free range out now which I am eager to try!

And secondly I have the Vittoria Hot Chocolate range.

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I am aware there is a theme running here, I do like to stick with brand collars- but I do like variety. I like having the choice of what I want on any particular occasion, and I have a habit of collecting things.

These are deep and rich, I love the dark and the mint, not the biggest fan of the white as it is very sweet- but I am still able to enjoy a cup every now and again.

Avalanche is a smidgen more affordable that Vittoria, but its really up to your tastes to choose. I want to clear up that although I do try and eat as healthy as possible hot chocolates are my go-to indulgence. I find it is easier to have one cup of hot chocolate than a biscuit or some other sweet food.

I hope that you all enjoyed my chatterings on Christmassy Hot Chocolates, its really not Christmas without one of these, whether it be with family, by the brassier or in front of the telly- they make life so grand.

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