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Evening guys!

I have been feeling extremely inspired lately to expand my comfort zones, explore my creativity and accept whatever situation I may be in.

I am one of those people who loves change, who loves to wander and to admire and lately. Even though I am heller stripped for time, I really want to branch out and challenge myself. Be this with health and fitness, be this with my blog, my newly created Youtube channel or my own personality. I have come to a point where I am watching myself grow, literally watching as my way of thinking changes and I mature. I am also watching myself want to develop, to grow the type of person I am. I have different priorities and outlooks on life compared to previously.

Matthew and I jumped the engagement hurdle, and since we have been engaged I find that I don’t want to be floating these moments. I want to make the most of them. We talk about goals we have, wishes we have, I believe that we should not be holding back from going out and getting them. I don’t believe in being limited. I believe that if you want something to happen you must believe it will happen. You work hard. Making sure you put out to the universe in order to get back.

This may be a rambly, inspo type post. I’ll admit it feels very different to my usual scripted type of content. I am not sure if I want to continue on like this or not but I enjoy sharing as we all grow. I just want to make sure that I make beautiful, inspiring content that makes me happy- and you happy too.

In the next few years (cause lets face it, the Amber Marie Blog is not going anywhere) we are going to be involved in a multitude of things. To name a few we will be taking the trip of our lifetime, moving house, possibly getting a puppy and also planning a wedding! These are all very exciting things for us and Matthew and I will be stepping behind the camera a lot more to document it. You may see more regular less scripted content, there will be vlogs and videos on both Matthew and my own channel (Find Matthew here and my channel Here). You will see more instagrams from me (here) and of course my pinterest (here) is constantly updated.

I did say that this may be a rambly post, but I hope you enjoyed the life update. Make sure you check me out on my other channels as I will be starting to work harder on all my mediums. Thank you and I’ll see you for tomorrows post!


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