There are many positives to travelling, especially travelling to Europe. One of those positives is the shopping. I have said many times that where I live in New Zealand, it isn’t exactly competitive when it comes to luxury shopping. It seems the lure of Chanel had me there.

You have seen my last Chanel haul, there have been a couple more additions since then.

I picked up the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour which comes with me everywhere in my handbag, as well as the Mirror Duo.

The Rogue Coco Stylo’s have been my best friends at work- they last and they have a beautiful, luminous sheen. I have 216 and 218. They are natural, glide on so smoothly and are so moisturising. They are worth the investment.

I have been so in love with the new No5 for the longest time. This is so floral, light and I love it so much. If you can’t handle the original No5 like me, you have to have this one.

I still swear by the blush I got, I love it even more so now. It adds the most gorgeous luminosity to the cheeks. If you missed that post, find it here.



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