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My Current Obsession with Cacao Tea

Cacao Tea was something I was a little unsure of, I’m more of a hot chocolate or mocha girl but The Husk Mill, an Australian Tea company specialising in Cacao Teas and Tisanes kindly had these pop into my mailbox after me expressing my interest in them- being a big fan of tea in general I was very eager to give these a try! If you’re a tea lover I’m certain you need to try these.

The Husk Mill Cacao Tea

As mentioned above the Husk Mill is an Australian brand who kindly sent me these samples as I knew I would like to give them a go- they turned out to be a big love thing!

I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging and typography. New Zealand gets a lot of Australian advertisements on social media and these drew me in with their gorgeous raw aesthetic. It turned out that these three teas have turned my world around. I used to be (regrettably) a three coffee a day kind of person- struggling to break that bond and looking for healthier alternatives- the cacao in these teas turned out to be satisfying enough to go without coffee- not to mention the little packets are perfect size for my handbag.

I was very impressed by the flavour and the thickness of these, as I do not like weak and watery tea. This match perfectly with almond milk and have become part of my daily routine- something I seek to treat myself instead of chocolate or sweets.

The husk mill cacao tea 2

The Husk Mill have three types of Cacao Tea. The Original Cacao Tea is a smooth, slightly nutty, vanilla which is probably one of my favourites due to its heavy malty aroma.

Coconut Cacao Tea is a rich, creamy but very coconutty blend (no complaints here) which is obviously very indulgent with a splash of coconut cream and honey… just me?

Lastly there’s the Cacao Chai which is always a winner for me. I have these nightly which satisfies my stupid need for a little something sweet before bed.

These teas are caffeine free and naturally encourages the release of endorphins are full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. If you get the opportunity to try these teas I would definitely recommend them and- as always, these opinions are my own.


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