My Bobbi Brown Favourites

Welcome back with my Bobbi Brown Favourites (so far).

Bobbi brown is a brand that I have adored for years, we know this. While in England I picked up a couple bits from their store in Shepherds Bush. I had never stepped into an actual store before (we only have counters here). It was beautiful and exciting and I was spoiled for choice. Even though I knew exactly what I wanted. Bobbi Brown is where I go for my staples. They are quality and perfect for everyday use.

Remember the days of the Shimmer Brick? I wanted one of those so badly, and always assumed they were out of my price range. Since then, Matthew has taught me that its not the price of the makeup, its the quality and how often I deem myself to need new products. Here are the few bits I have from Bobbi Brown that I adore, thrown in with my current Wishlist.


It has definitely come to the point where I need a makeup brush overhaul. It was some five years ago since I got my first brushes and they have stayed with me ever since. Brushes are not the first thing I think of when contemplating new purchases. To be honest I only remember I need new brushes when I am using them (or grudgingly washing them). They are the staples I do not stock up on often. In the near future I look to replace some of my “old faithfuls” with new Bobbi Brown classics. If you are an avid blog and youtube follower I am sure you would have heard these mentioned several times.

Eventually I will replace my whole collection but these five are my starters. Soft, durable and super versatile why wouldn’t you start with these?


What I mean by starter product is quite literal. I couldn’t go without a primer, it is the first thing you put on your face before applying makeup. It is half skincare, half makeup- and I think it is quite essential.

This one is SPF 50, which I think is very important. It sets a base for your makeup by minimising wrinkles and fine lines and is made up of natural ingredients (caffeine and algae extract) to ward off damaging rays of the sun.

This is a hydrating lightweight formula, and although it does have that slight sunscreen sheen to it, it does help with the layering of my makeup. I tend to get dewy in the day like most and I don’t seem to have any issues with the lasting power of my makeup.


I have been using the Extra Repair Moisturing Balm SPF 15 for some time now. My skin tends to go haywire in the colder months needing extra hydration and special care. I would say I have somewhat sensitive skin. This product has lasted me very well consider I use it at least once per day- it has even crept into my nightly routine.

Usually at this time of the year I would be purchasing a more lightweight formula, so my skin doesn’t get too oily in the warmer weather- however my skin seems to drink this up for such a rich moisturiser. It also has SPF in it which makes it great for those no makeup, skin repair days.


I think that every girl needs her classic, chuck-on, nude pink. For me its this.
The Nourishing Lip Colour in Ballerina Pink. If I am having a next-to-no makeup day or a full face, this goes. Any outfit, any season, any time. It is easy and chic, very classic. This colour is a soft peachy pink, however, their blush colour is another go to of mine. I could quite happily use all the colours in the collection and be happy.

The other pink favourite of mine is the Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Pale Pink. It may look scary but it adds a beautiful, sheer rosy hue to your cheeks, perfect for the winter “just out of the snow” look. This is my go to for a natural makeup look or simply when I don’t know else to wear.
The Pot Rouge can be used on the lips as well, but I prefer it on the cheeks, only due to hygiene reasons at work, otherwise it is super nourishing for your lips!


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