I know I missed yesterday’s post but I am writing this one on bedrest after being up in the hospital all day yesterday- great way to spend your day, trust me. (I hope you get the sarcasm in there).  I was taken to hospital just after 9am and got out around 2pm and went home to sleep, I won’t go into the gory details but basically my insides don’t want to play nice.

I am back at work tomorrow but while on bedrest I thought I would share a chatty post with you and maybe discuss a few changes I’ll be making post hospital visit. I did have a couple of other posts planned (I’m still trying to get ahead of schedule) but hospital was a major set back and I was unable to complete those posts- don’t worry, I’ll still be putting them up soon!

Basically I put down my trip to the hospital partially to my diet. My diet has always been something tricky, I have a major sweet tooth and before this year couldn’t go a day without eating something with sugar in it. I also found I ate more gluten, wheat and dairy than my body could handle. I have always known that I shouldn’t eat too much dairy and gluten as I have had complications with my digestive system since I was around 2 years old- until yesterday I thought I thought I was doing well. Not only was my body reacting in ways which aren’t completely normal but I also found that I am not nearly as regular digestion wise as I should be for a normal early twenties girl.

Now this may be TMI for you, but it clears my head to write these sorts of things down and speak about what I am going through. I am waiting on tests to come back but I have decided that this could be a way of my body giving up on me after eating foods it finds hard to digest for so long- I have been eating gluten and dairy but not much fibre to counteract this, and also I have been severely lacking on the water front which also doesn’t help AT ALL. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat all too badly- no frequent takeout and I try to make the best decision possible when we do eat out but my body still doesn’t want to handle the types of food I am taking in- so I’ve decided to go gluten free, for good.

Gluten free is something that I have thought about, and if there is a gluten free option for breads and wraps I’ll take it, but I haven’t thought about the gluten content in other regular foods. I’ll be cutting down on dairy and definitely sugar (only having organic milk and cheeses like feta, halloumi and parmesan where appropriate), basically I’ll be taking the “clean eating approach” and I am so glad there are so many resources out there that make it so easy to live this way more easily than ever. (and by the way those cookies up there are gluten free, dairy free and Vegan- by Leda)

To get the ball rolling i’ll be replacing my morning coffee with tea and thinking about other easy options for breakfast such as smoothies- I have salads for lunch which is fine, but I’ll be cooking more vegetables and stir fries for dinner which isn’t going to sit well with Matthew at all. I guess I’ll be cooking two different dinners for a while.

This in turn may affect some of the recipes on my blog, but I like to think its for the better- I’ll keep you posted on how this goes  and if you have any tips definitely let me know!