Blogging by Night

These days I usually find myself hanging out for the Sunday nights to catch up on my blogging, this is the night where I must post if not suffer from withdrawals. I have been posting on Mondays, and sometimes Wednesday/Thursdays for bonus posts also and I’d like to keep up a two post a week schedule.



As you can see Toeface (Toby) my pirate cat decided to join me, so I dragged his bed over from the couch and he accompanies me with my blogging. He is the best for measuring camera shake, winding his way around my legs- which is oh-so-helpful. Getting back on track I have been rostered on an 11am start on Fridays, and so I hope to update Thursdays regularly as well as either Sunday or Monday (sometimes both, I don’t want to post just for the sake of posting something). I hope this will bring more structure to my posting regimen as I find that I have been lacking consistency.

Blogging for me has become a serious thing, something that is now part of my life and who I am, and I love it. I didn’t think that it would happen so quickly or come so naturally to me, but I do love to write and that is a fact that has been standing with me since I was a child. I find myself getting excited to stay up past bed time, like a kid, so I am able to browse other blogs, research beauty products and trends and watch some of the you tubers I adore. I also take part in the Bbloggers chat via Twitter on Monday mornings at 7am (Sunday 8pm UK time) which is why I have decided to start posting Sunday nights here, to add some new content to the chat.

Blogging is something I don’t see, nor want, changing as a part of my life, I can only see it growing in retrospect. As you can see I have an office now, something I did not have before and I adore it. We will have to be getting someone in to room with us again during winter as the cost of both power and rent have increased. In order to keep my beloved “blogging room” Matthew has decided that it is indeed time for us to settle down and find a house where roommates are not needed to cover these costs or in order for us to travel, we have been ready as a couple for this change for some time. Looking for a new house is time consuming and we have to be very patient, but it is also bittersweet. Matthew and I met in this house, and although it has its faults and quirks- we do love it. We have been looking for a new house on the side, with no sense of urgency, for the last few months. Since I have been using my office a great deal for my blogging we are reluctant to give it up- and I am very happy with the way Matthew has accepted, and encouraged, my part of being involved in the blogging community. He is ever supportive and even more willing, even than me sometimes, for me to put everything I have into this passion of mine. I am sure some of you can relate.

I would like to thank you, my viewers (and Matt of course) for the endless support you have given me, for liking, commenting and enjoying my blog. I know I am still starting out, still learning, and I am absolutely stunned by even having the followers I have. I can’t believe that I could have loved, or cared about this form of creative outlet as much as I do today.

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