It was some two years ago when I decided to dabble in blogging, out of curiosity and the need for a creative outlet. Blogging seemed like something that would be a hobby that would not require skills or tools that I did not have already. I have come a long way since then, taking up blogging seriously in the last month, and by seriously I mean to say that this is something I am prepared to do for a long while to come.

I am a blogger with a full timeย job, and I intend on keeping it. My day job is high maintenance and demanding but I enjoy it- Blogging is another form of work for me, creative and inspiring, helping me to keep my personal style and taste separate from the corporate world. Blogging is something I enjoy.

I have a few tips for you that I have learned and continue to learn as I go through my blogging journey.

SCHEDULE. A good schedule helps you see straight while blogging with a full time job, this keeps your social life, work life and blogging life in order- especially if you are lucky enough to live in a country, or city, to attend blogging functions and product releases- this will be very important to keep on top of.

TAKE NOTES. I always have a notebook or diary handy, even a phone at least, should any inspiration strike. I am a very visual person, so seeing sights and images really trigger ideas and thoughts for blog posts or photos.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. This is an important one for me as I tend to overthink things. My style is minimalistic and clean and I like to keep things tidy, whether is be writing or photography.

NATURAL LIGHTING IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. That ones quite self explanatory really. I won’t go through the whole shebang about not needing an expensive camera or editing gear, because you already know this.

KEEP AN OPEN MIND. You’ll be surprised at how you can grow and learn by exploring the world of blogging.

I hope this post was helpful to you and please share your tips and tricks from your experience blogging, I would love to hear them!

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