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So I just turned 25. More on that later. But heres what I was so lucky to receive. Thank you to those who came and wished me well! (PS- this is not a braggy post, you’re just probs gonna see more of these in future posts)

So I got super spoiled, as you can tell. I feel mega loved and really really lucky to have received these wonderful gifts. You have seen my planner already, but it was a birthday gift so I’m still including it in this.. My girl Sophia also brought me the wellness and habit trackers after reading my planner post (not my intention at all) so they are also in there. I also didn’t get a good photo of this print, but it’s going to be framed and I am IN LOVE. The colours, the foiling, the quote. Ah. Thank you Sean and Natasha.



So first of all I have to acknowledge that Matthew knows his stuff. I’ve been wanting a polaroid camera for the longest time. I have dreamed of the awesome keepsakes I could take if I took it to Europe (still have to convince him that its a good idea- I brought a waterproof backpack specially- thats coming soon)

The photo in the camera is of myself and my one of my closest friends, Sophia. I mentioned her above. She was a total darling and travelled over with a gorgeous bouquet- as well as sending me my wellness and good habit tracker in the mail. I loved having her close and crave another girly night soon.

Two of my other close friends Jamie and Laura also know me TOO well. Laura brought me two copper tealight holders and these grey, white & gold trinket boxes with crystal details- so pretty! Jamie also brought me two copper tealight holders (they look so match-matchy on our bedside tables- I’m so happy to have four) and a lily scented diffuser (Lily’s are my fave).



The Kiehls lip balm came all the way from Korea (I’m so happy, I’ve been wanting to try Kiehls for the longest time) and my Mum and Dad got me this pretty silver pendant which I only have taken off for this photo.

Lastly I thought I would be cheeky, I had airpoints that I am obviously not using on flights. I picked up this Ashley & Co candle. Its a musky, linen scent which I have been so into lately. Love. Like I said, I am very very lucky.  I look forward to looking back on this in future and I hope you enjoyed this post!


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