Biggest Mistake

A few months ago I made the mistake of going and getting gel nails done at the nail salon, even though I was told by my colleagues and friends not to. I loved them, they were long(ish), strong and beautiful. Since then I am coming out of the fake nail phase and my nails are horrible. They are weak, jagged and thin, and I regret ever getting them even though I loved them so dearly when they were new. My nails have always been a bit bad, they chip, layers come off and I can never get them to grow long as they are too weak. I put this down to my health and my diet as I have always been low in iron and calcium but I really wish I wasn’t.

I envy those with long beautifully strong nails and I endeavour to accomplish this for myself. Another thing to add to my “reasons I should be getting healthier” list. I will also have to invest in a bottle of hair and nail tablets to help this along.

I have done some research on techniques that may help my nails grow stronger, they do grow at a steady speed which is one good thing about my fingernails. I hear moisturising you nails, filing them and basically just following common sense will do it.  If you have any tips for me, please let me know!

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