BEAUTY: The Natural Feminine Look| MAC Twig Lipstick & Relaxation Casual Color

MAC lipstick, blush haul review

Over the past few months I have been rocking the classic natural, casual pink feminine look quite frequently…

You look at past photos in magazines and, now, online and there is always bound to be at least one or two stars rocking pretty pink and natural makeup. There’s something so demure and elegant about soft, feminine, classic styling and this is something I do no see going out of fashion anytime soon.

I went out in search of a new blush and lipstick to complement the classic makeup look and found myself wandering over to the MAC counter. Luckily I had a few eyeshadow pots that I needed to exchange. I handed the pots into the girl at the counter and she pulled out a tray of lipsticks and a couple other products I could choose from, my eyes wandered straight to a select few. Twig being one of these.

I love pink girly lips, but something about Twig caught my eye. Both mature and youthful with a slightly deeper undertone I knew I could get away wearing this at work (where our uniform is black, grey, white and red) and outside of work, day or night. 

The formula of this lipstick is so smooth and long wearing, just like all MAC lipsticks, it complements my fair but olive-esque skin tone. I have ended up wearing this daily and it has become my most reached for lipstick yet. I thanked the girl and continued to browse the products, stopping at the cream blush selection- where, again, couple of the blushes caught my attention. Obviously I settled for the cream lip and cheek colour in Relaxation. 

I do not use this product on my lips but it is very impressive on the cheeks, however scary it may look in the pan. This too has become a daily blush for me, even triumphing over my beloved NARS Madly. The cream formula is so smooth, buttery and glides onto the cheeks with ease- it is natural and gives that dewy, healthy glow that we all strive for. I was never much of a blush fan until this product here but these have the perfect classic, chic vibe that every girl needs. Overall I’m completely obsessed with these and they are my must-haves now (And I Promise I’ll stop raving after this post!).

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?



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