Beauty Kindlings


After the feedback I got yesterday for my Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick Review I was absolutely startled. Yesterday was one of the biggest days, view wise, ever in my blogging history and I am completely amazed, not to mention thankful.

I particularly enjoy writing beauty posts, although they take more planning and guts than any of my other posts, I enjoy the challenge. I scrolled through my previous posts today and it seems reviews and hauls are what I tend to lean towards, that seems a tad limited doesn’t it?

Tutorials are somewhat out of my comfort zone, as I am in no way a beauty expert, although not out of the question, but make up looks and expanded information on beauty products are extremely reachable when it comes to what I am willing to write about. I have a little range of high end and drugstore beauty products which seems to be growing slowly (somehow- heh) and I do think I would like to discuss this topic more with you.

Over the next few weeks I will work hard to bring a varied range of beauty posts to my viewers, but ideas and  suggestions for what you would like to see are always welcome, comment down below if there is something in particular you are after and I will do my best to bring it to you.

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