Golden Eau De Toilette

I thought it was about time I finally told you about the fragrance I have been using. This little gem is from DKNY- one I hadn’t really looked into until DKNY launched their Delicious Delights range- this one is not from that range but how can you not be drawn to this stunning bottle?

Eau De Toilette

The Golden Delicious is a rich fragrance with accentuated aromas of golden apple, accompanied by orange blossom and Mirabelle plum. As you can tell it is perfect for night or day wear due to its deep but fresh aromas. What first attracted me to this Eau De Toilette was the sudden freshness when spritzed with fruity, rounded but spiced notes it seemed perfect- not too sultry and not too sweet.

What also intrigued me about this “Hydrating Eau De Toilette Spray” is that it is advertised to have “Fragrance with Benefits” it claims to have proven results with instant moisturization, radiant and smoother skin. This is due to an “exclusive apple fusion complex” that “provides a daily dose of skin-boosting ingredients”. A lot to ask of a simple Eau De Toilette in my eyes.

After wearing the perfume over a few hours I could tell that it was hydrating, and the scent did last, still pleasant after the day had finished. I am very pleased with this product and will most likely look into DKNY fragrances in future- as I really would like to grow my fragrance collection.

Have you tried the DKNY fragrances?



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