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Looking back at my posts and I haven’t done a wishlist in the longest time. My wardrobe is in dire need of an update, so here is my basics wishlist!

I love doing these- I’m not sure why but I do. This is my basic necessities edition, but also a sly “what I’m putting in my suitcase” list. These are items that I want to buy soon for our trip to Europe (It is extremely exciting and scary that it is only 28 weeks to go!) and are all things that I believe will go with each other seamlessly. I know- you can tell my preferences when it comes to colour…They are basic, simple choices that are easy to mix and match while we are touring.


While we are overseas my intent is to pick up a nice scarf (or something similar) from every major place (London, Paris, Italy, Amsterdam, etc), I think that it would be a lovely touch to my wardrobe as I am quite fussy with trinkets and don’t want to carry too much! We will have minimal time for shopping so what I am taking covers the basics that are versatile for numerous looks. What do you pick up while travelling?

I have style boards on Pinterest specially for my trip here and here if you’re interested!

I hope you enjoyed my post and got a little look into my style. I’ll be uploading more style posts heading into 2017! Let me know any tips you have, I would love to get to know you all!



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