As I sift through all the rest of my Christmas decorations littered around the house I slowly start to realise that, yes, it is summer. and with summer comes less clothes. I have to admit I was a little bad during Christmas- not feeling guilty at all, maybe just a little larger than I was before so there is no way I am going out to squeeze into my swimmers.

Next week I am to start my new hours for work and with Matthew out on a fishing trip with my father I am taking the opportunity to reunite with the Rapid fitness  programmes and just generally be better at food and health in general. (And thanks for following my twitter dudes, loving the support)

I think I’ll get onto the kickstart detox this time, just to- you know, give it a kickstart into healthy eating again. I have to exaggerate how easy to follow these programmes are, they are saturated with common sense and they offer a lot of support for those of us who need that little nudge in the right direction.

In the programmes I have purchased they explain why they are involving certain ingredients, processes and methods with history, facts, knowledge and, again, common sense. They are so beneficial and I think this great company is definitely catching the eyes of New Zealanders and so many others also. I also love how they promote free range and organic products, always two thumbs up for that.  If you do want to look at their products look you can find there link down below, and please do cause they are great and offer so much good information.


I plan to start next week, as this week is a real long one for me, and I am actually getting into the swing of things now, just looking over the program and starting to minus the excesses I do not need in my diet going into the program. Water is always a trail for me, but I find the structure of the Kickstart programme really helps with this, and they have incorporated so many yummy foods into this one.

Looking forward to this programme and the people on the facebook community have been wonderful already.
Ready to rock and roll, cheers friends, talk soon


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