Having trouble getting away from that computer or television and doing something constructive? Here are a few tips that help me get off my ass and being productive.

1: Put some tunes on. Doesn’t matter what beat you jive to, chuck it on. Uplift your mood and it’ll uplift your butt.

2: What have you got on your list that you look forward to? Work through that list with those beats and be proud of what you’ve accomplished

3: Think positive, not negative- think about what you want out of what you need to do, not what you have to do in order to get it.

4: Plus one. Need to go to the loo? Plus one task- instead of heading back to your seat take a detour and grab that washing on the way. Need water? Plus one by putting those dishes away after. You wont regret it.

These tips help me dudes, try it out and see.