Admitting Defeat

I have something to admit

This is something that has been on my mind quite a lot recently. I have been missing culture and the art scene that I have missed out on being exposed to since I moved to this very banal town.

I miss the galleries, the indie bands, the creative events and most of all the social crowd, the bars and the new films. I miss big shopping and crowds, heels and handbags and high-end cosmetic brands. I know I sound like just another city girl but I really do miss all of it, the town I live in doesn’t have a decent art store and I don’t even paint anymore. I feel like my drive is gone.

I see my home town Hamilton growing and improving every time I go back, I have been to the cocktail night of the opening of the new central mall, the premier of the new Metro cinema and been apart of the auction with the people of the city council. I loved being apart of these things, but I also love the variety of the thrift stores, the alternative coffee shops and the Victoria Cinema.

I left all my friends back in Hamilton, so the lack of picnics, wine and dark chocolate might be getting to me. I miss the gardens and the beauty of the city lights at night. I miss House, The Bank, Chim Choo Ree and Doras.

It is hard to move, especially when you’re leaving everything you love. I am glad my Ma and Step-Father are in this town, and now Matthew too. I am pretty sure we will be heading back to Hamilton after we have traveled, until then I will have to hold out for my regular visits.

I thought I would express some of my artistic side on my blog. There have been a few prints I have been keeping my eye on on different websites and I thought I would share them with you.

Bunny Framed Print- Angela McKay



Lines of the Lion 2- Harley Bell

featured_Lines of the lion 2


I love the clean, crisp, monotone lines of these prints, its simple, delicate, raw talent and I look forward to hanging them in my living room one day. You can click the images and they will take you to the website that they are sold on. I try not to keep my eye on too many prints, I like to have an achievable aspiration.

I don’t have many prints hanging on the walls at home, only three or four which I really need to have framed, but I want to get back into attending galleries and art exhibitions in search of pretty features for my wall, something I could not do when I was flatting with others in Hamilton.

Do you have creative cravings every now and then, or make a habit of buying prints for your home? What is the creative scene like in your city?



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