Hello. My name is Amber Marie and I’m a shameless beauty, food, nutrition and style enthusiast. I was born and raised in New Zealand and have turned nutrition, culture, beauty and food into a cognitive and ever-developing passion. Because of my background in journalism, history with the written word and creative infatuation, the dive into the blogging world has been stirring for an inquisitive originator such as myself. A self taught photographer, artist and cook, hitched with my insatiable curiosity for learning and knowledge has pushed me to create and study everything.

I write about settling into a grounded lifestyle, growing, learning and ever enjoying and even some about my relationship with a manboy named Matthew, striving to become independent, wholesome, well-traveled and motivated while inspiring and helping others enjoy what we have on earth and exploring deeper into new found love of travel, cuisine, beauty and cosmetics.

I post once a week on a Monday and sometimes throw a bonus post in there when the inspiration strikes (I’m impatient like that), I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy illustrating it.

Love, AmberMarie.