Happy Blogmas day 6! I have a very short and sweet review for you today, on my new favourite, holy grail beauty tool. I have only had these eyelash curlers a few weeks, but I can really tell a difference in the way my lashes look- not even into discussing the details of this product and I am already gushing!

These are the first eyelash curlers I have ever owned (not used, owned) and I am suer glad I made the investment, I have used a few different eyelash curlers before and none have the lasting power that these have. Only three pumps and my lashes are good to go with a long, lasting curl. They are so compact and very aesthetically pleasing, and not too loose around my fingers (sometimes I struggle to grip them properly if the loop is too large). I brought these off a New Zealand cosmetics website for around $23.00 including postage which I thought was pretty decent, quite affordable if I say so.


The tool itself is fairly good to look at, as far as curlers go, and the brand name is well placed making them special. They come with a spare parts and have a nice fit on my lashes. I may have to re-place the curlers towards the side of my eye after the first three pumps to make sure I get all my eyelashes but this is no hassle at all.

These eyelash curlers are very comfortable and easy to use, a definite must have for me now. If you are thinking of getting these eyelash curlers I would definitely urge you to!

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