A Guide to Luxurious Lips, DIY.


Had dehydrated lips lately? Find that you lips are getting chapped or dry? Want your lipstick to look utterly luscious? I have a lovely little at home DIY to sort those babies out.

Lately my lips are a little neglected- The aircon, weather change and working out/sunburn were really taking their toll on my lips. The Baume De Rose  is too expensive for me to justify right now, and the shipping time would surely kill me (although Winter is coming and I may change my mind), the Reve De Miel and Lush Lip Scrubs also include shipping meaning that my lips would be in dire need of some loving- I needed a solution fast. Then I remembered, I can sort this out at home, immediately!


Lush’s Mint Julips is on its way and the Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream & Lush’s Honey Trap are tiding me over, but to help I thought I would whip this little gem up with what I had in the cupboard- simple, quick and good for your skin is what I am aiming for here.

Here is my Rose Sugar Scrub- perfect for when your lips need a good bit of sorting out.

All you need is:

2/3 CUP Brown Sugar

1/3 CUP Coconut Oil

2 Caps of Rose Water

Handful of Rose Petals.

Pop all ingredients into a bowl or jar and mix thoroughly (I let the Rose Water Soak into the Sugar First) and there you have it, a sweet little lip scrub that is both gentle for those sore lips and nourishing for prevention! A little goes a long way and the brown sugar is not as coarse as normal sugar, keeping the pain to a minimum (if you have been trekking through wind and sun like me and find having lips to be quite painful right now)


These lip scrubs are also perfect for just before applying lipstick, matte lipstick in particular, to make sure your lips are going to look as perfect as they possibly can!

I love this recipe and it is so simple to whip up at home, you can get Rose Water from your nearest exotic food store.

Tell me what you use to  keep your lips immaculate?


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