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Here are 5 Healthy Snacking Tips for you! Its no secret around here that I have undergone a massive lifestyle change over here. One I continue to undergo. For a long time now I have struggled with my diet and weight fluctuations. This is mainly due to my previously undiagnosed coeliac disease and misunderstanding of how my body digests.

I struggle with bloating and even a minimal amount of something can set it off. It is crazy how much your body can change in a matter of hours. This is why I recently put a microscope to my eating habits.

This can be scary, hard and also enlightening. I know now that I am likely to crave something sweet on my afternoon tea break at work. I will easily give into this craving with chocolate or a sweet coffee if I do not have food prepared. I know that I will be less motivated to eat healthily if I haven’t been satisfied by a nutritious breakfast. I also know that having a fridge full of colourful, healthy food helps our mood around the house. Snacking is something I struggle with but I am certain that it is key to my weightloss and keeping my body nourished.

Being in tune with my body has taken a long time. I am nowhere near as insightful about my own body as I would like to be. However, the knowledge I have has helped me lose 6 unwanted KG’s and continue to help me develop a healthier lifestyle. This is where I have 5 healthy snacking tips for you.


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You do not have to prepare a massive meal for snacks, unless you want to. I find that lately I am more than happy with a chopped carrot, a few strawberries or grapes and a few mini bell peppers. Mini bell peppers are something I can eat like an apple, minus seeds/stem- I know this is not completely normal. I also have been loving these broccoli chips by X50. I tried these at the fitness expo a few posts back and I adore them, broccoli is one of my favourite veggies. I happened to meet the director of the company through a mutual friend who tossed a few my way. Definitely happy about that, there may be some cools stuff coming up. Call this mention sponsored if you will, these were free broccoli chips- but keep in mind that I love the X50 products sponsored or not.




For some reason I feel more fulfilled if I chop something up beforehand. Call it convenience. I’ll chop my apples, peel my mandarins and cut the carrot and pop those into my lunchbox before I head out to work that morning. This makes reaching for those healthy snacks just as easy as reaching for that less healthy snack box in your staff room. Its also kinder on your wallet.



When you think of preparation you think of meal prepping that can be time consuming in itself. But where it starts is the grocery list. Snacking is just as important as your main meals- don’t forget to prepare these either. Make sure they make it on your list and into your lunch box each day. Pop that popcorn, stock up on those carrots (and hummus if you feel the need). Think about baking something at the start of the week like protein cookies or raw protein balls if you need that hit of something before dinner or a workout.



There has been many-a-time where I have put celery into my grocery list, or chopped it ready for the week with every intention of eating it. It doesn’t happen. I guess I just don’t like celery as much as I think I do.

Make sure you are working with what you like to eat- make it an enjoyable experience. If you don’t like plain carrots and bell peppers like me, get yourself some hummus. If you feel that straight fruit and veg isn’t satisfying or indulgent enough get yourself some healthy crackers and top it with avo, tomatoes and fresh herbs. Your possibilities are endless.

The feature photo is an actual grocery hall I did today if this helps give you some ideas. I am thinking of snap chatting more so you guys can see my fitness journey. If you’re interested you can find me at ambermariemarie on the Snap.



This is one thing that I struggle with big time. I will reach for the coffee every time. I turn a blind eye to water. What I have found is making a cup of tea to drink, at least you’re still getting fluid in you. This also helps satisfies your appetite and you will feel fuller and crave less when it comes to snack time. Make sure you ALWAYS have your big drink bottle on hand. I find if I do this I reach for it often if it is in plain sight.


I hope these tips helped you and I hope you like my 5 Healthy Snacking Tips! This is something I look forward to doing more in the future.








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