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5 Blogging Goals


I sat down today and wondered to myself “what am I going to blog about?”. Its not often that this is a issue for me. I usually have ideas, inspiration and plans coming out my ears. But now that I am coming closer to my trip and working more than I want to, sometimes my blogging ideas fall short.

This is where I need to get back to my roots. Where I feel it is time that I actually talk about my blogging goals with you, my readers and my friends.

If you haven’t noticed, Amber Marie Blog is not going anywhere. She is around for the long haul. After all the years I’ve been blogging- especially seriously for the past year on I have learned that it is something I adore. I love it, I want to improve and grow and I have fun while I do it.

There are far too many days than I care to admit that I would prefer doing this as opposed to my actual full time job. I feel sad sometimes, I feel impatient sometimes but most of all these feelings give me drive to work harder than I ever have before.

I feel determination about my blog more than I have felt determination for anything, drive wasn’t always my strong suit. I’m pretty chill. This is why I know that blogging and creativity is for me. It challenges me, it makes me work harder and I am so excited for all the things I have to share with you guys.  I have so many plans, ideas and things I want to achieve here. But before I get teary I’ll get straight into my goals for ambermariemarie and even personally-
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  • Take ambermariemarie abroad

Blog Post Photo (2 of 1)-7I’ll get the most obvious one over with. Matthew and I are travelling through Europe in May, which is coming way fast. (We’re booking our tickets tonight and I am SO CHUFFED.) I am eager to create new and engaging content for the blog. Travel is always something I’ve wanted to lunge head first into. Obviously this isn’t always achievable.

Our days are going to be hard, we’re on the go every second day on our Coach Tour- see my We’re Booked post here explaining where we are going.

I plan to post about pretty much every place that we are going, focusing on Photography but also explaining what we did. I would like to stick to this no matter how brief. Gorgeous memories and photos of my trip is my main focus here.

This also ties into my next focus, strongly referring back to my previous post- My Lifestyle Journey. Its no secret that I have as much self doubt as the next girl but I really would like to start branching ambermariemarie out further than beauty. You can already see it is improving.


  • Branch into style posts

do fitness 4Style is something that interests me more and more. As I have mentioned my figure is a worry for me, but as that changes so does my style, lifestyle and content choices. I would to feature clothing, style and outfit posts on ambermariemarie. Especially as we travel through Paris, Venice, Rome and Amsterdam. I would really like to stop holding myself back from these style of posts and let Matthew get behind the camera more.

This is not only for but also my social media. I want to be active on all my platforms and be more present. I recently lost my phone for three days while it was repaired and it really cemented to me what an amazing tool social media is how important it is when you’re a blogger. If you haven’t checked out my social media the links are the social media icons at the top of the website.

I have already planned a few posts I wish to take regarding style, even home style, for my content. I will be developing into home style more in a year or so after Matthew and I have returned from overseas. We will be coming back and buying a home as soon as possible so keep an eye out for that!


  • Change up the Style of ambermariemarie

PLANNING (1 of 1) copyThats right. Not only is my personal style growing with me, so is the look of ambermariemarie. I have had my current theme for some time and I am never happy with it. I know exactly what I want it to look like ready for my new content. This may be premature before our trip. As you start to see changes around here I work out the knacks of what works and what doesn’t.

I want to play around with colour in a more orderly fashion. I have very specific ideas of what I like and how I want things to sit. If you’ve seen my instagram you’ll have noticed that I love colour, I love light and I LOVE neutrals. This is somewhat where I am looking to go with ambermariemarie soon.

These plans will go up sooner than you think. Its my 25th birthday on Saturday and I plan to celebrate with putting some notions in place- so watch this space.



  • Start creating more “daily” content


I noticed that all my content can be quite structured. There is hardly any “on-the-go” blogging going on around here.

This will obviously change as we start travelling as things may get quite brief. Lengthy posts have never been a challenge for me really. But I want to create visually appealing content in documenting my “daily” life. Don’t jump to the conclusion that I will be making daily blog posts. Cause thats not the case at all. I would just like to upload diary-ish style posts of trips out to cafe’s, restaurants and day trips to places when we get on the move.

I am inspired by a few lifestyle and beauty bloggers who do this. Those like Hannah from HannahMaggs, Suzie from Hello October, Alix from I Covet Thee, Carrie Rad on Instagram, Amber from Barefoot Blonde and Victoria/In The Frow on Instagram. These are bloggers that I have followed for some time now. Those ones that pretty much inspired me to keep blogging when I first started. I still remember my firsts posts- terrible.



  • Post consistently twice per week

Blog Post Photo (2 of 1)-4

I have been posting twice a week every now and again. I find this very hard for some reason, especially recently when life gets busy. This is something I am working on. Its difficult when you cant get out much and your skincare/make-up/wardrobe stays the same as  your saving for a trip of a lifetime.

This is something I’m going to have another crack at, Summer is coming, Spring is here and the days are starting to last a little longer. Feel free to comment with things you’d like to see. I’m thinking summer recipes, what I eat in a days (somehow) and maybe a few travel prep posts.

I would also like to collaborate more. This is something I am hesitant about but as ambermariemarie grows its something I look more into. There have been a couple of exciting opportunities and ideas I have had and I look forward to seeing more around here.


I know this post has been long, and rambly but I hope it gets you motivated, interested and you enjoyed it! Those are pretty much my main goals for ambermariemarie- thank you for reading!


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