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Naturally clear skin

We all want natural clear skin. I, like anyone, struggle with this sometimes. I am luckily blessed with naturally clear skin- but naturally clear skin does not stop me struggling with clogged pores or hormonal breakouts every now and again. I still work hard to keep my skin in good condition. Thats where these two products come in.

We all know I am no stranger to The Body Shop. I have been using their skincare since before high school. I have previous reviews of their products all over the blog too. I ran out of my tea tree oil and decided that instead of buying the straight up oil I would test out a few of their new products. The 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub and Mask and also their Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner as my Clinique toner had run out.

I have been using these a bit and thought I would give you my first impressions. Let me just state quickly that the packaging for these is on point. I love it. Emerald gets me every time.

Naturally clear skin

Now that I have surpassed the need to rave about pretty packaging, the products are just as good.

The 3-In-1 scrub is lovely. It goes on quite thick and scrubs incredibly well, you do not need to work hard at all. You can leave it to dry as a mask or wash it off. I have done both and think I prefer using it as a mask for when my skin is needing a bit of TLC, it definitely deters blocked pores.

The Toner surprised me. I thought that it would be incredibly drying and I would need a moisturiser to follow. It is the opposite. This toner moisturises more than a toner I have ever used. It leaves my skin smooth and soft and even brightens a little due to the lemon included in the ingredients.

Of course tea tree is not a scent that everybody can deal with. For me, Tea Tree is comforting. Ma used to put it in my baths when I had wounds (I have sensitive skin and am prone to rashes) and I started using it early on to treat any little breakouts when I was going through my teenage years.

I was very impressed with these products and I’ll definitely be trying more from the range.

What do you think of tea tree products? Have they helped you achieve naturally clear skin?


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