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2016 February Favourites is where its at. I haven’t done a favourite post in so long, don’t ask me why. A couple of these are new products I’ve fallen completely in love with, and the rest are old staples!

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ESTÉE LAUDER BRONZE GODDESS BRONZER: this baby is still going strong, it would be rude no to include in these favourites. I use this everyday for a glow, a contour or just a flush of colour.

MAC STUDIO WATERWEIGHT FOUNDATION: This is also an everyday use product. It is light enough to get away with the no-makeup makeup and is buildable enough for a full faced look. It summer here so I am also thankful that it is SPF 30, not to mention dewy.

ESTÉE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR BLUSH ON GLOW BB HIGHLIGHTER: You know how it goes with this one, it was mentioned in my last post and will probably be mentioned in many more. Simple lifesaver.

SMASHBOX BROW TECH TRIO: Another every day thing which is pretty self explanatory. Wax and powder with a little highlight and you’re set.

MAXFACTOR MASTERPIECE TRANSFORM HIGH IMPACT MASCARA: This is a new find, but makes your lashes so long and fluttery. I usually only have one mascara on the go, but I got this as a quick addition and have been choosing it over my old faithfuls.

COLLECTION FAST STROKE LIQUID EYELINER: This is the mattest, long-lasting eyeliner I have ever tried. I was always too terrified to try this but after a little practise it is incredibly easy to use. I have been reaching for this over my brown smoky eyeliner and it completely transforms the look.



February Favourites 5

The only others I have, apart from my beloved carnations, are these OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner- I’ll be putting a full on review up very soon!

I needed some strength and hydration and from the first wash I noticed a difference in the quality of my hair. My hair was stronger, smoother and actually had less fly-aways, not to mention the fact that my sensitive scalp chilled out a bit (TMI I know…).

It hurt to spend this much on shampoo and conditioner but definitely worth it.

Hope you enjoyed the return of favourites with my Feburary Favourites posts and let me know what you think!


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