Well hey there 2015. I was not one of those people who ever got dewy eye’d thinking about where I would be in 2015, but I have to say it seems like a revolutionary step to me so far…

I am not all that organised, I like to think I am, but I’m really not- however much I enjoy planning, writing and collecting swish notebooks- but this year, yes the year that has only just begun I find I am a whole new person with a whole new outlook on, lets say, shiz… (cause life was simply too massive a word).
Big words, huh. But yes, I took a holiday, and yes I am extremely sorry to have left you- you may not even have noticed that I was gone, but health and life got in the way and to be honest I just needed a damn rest from life. And a rest I got.
I return to work in two days time, Matthew and I strolled back from the beach (where we were hiding for over a week) and thought that we’d have a lovely, chill couple of days before getting back into a working lifestyle, boy we we’re wrong.
I have been eating differently since my last post, I’ve gone completely gluten free and have started eating alternatively, only looked back once- where I had a moment of weakness for my nana’s baking and fell sick for the rest of the day.  I haven’t been diagnosed with anything, my tests all came back clear although I will be having more, but I am taking my period of illness as a sign that my body couldn’t put up with my crap anymore (Quite literally, but we won’t go into that).
This new way of eating spurred some need to clean out my cupboards and completely reorganise everything from packaging into jars and outing the old gluten and in with the new alternative flours, sauces, ingredients etc. That I did, my cupboards are clear and clean and oh-so tidy with good-for-you foods.
I am not going completely crazy with the gluten free thing, I am just being careful with what goes into my stomach- including sugars, dairy’s and processed food (the latter being one I am very fond of, anyhow.). This then spiked my love of growing my own food and to get back into my neglected gardens which are now brimming with seedlings of seasonal produce. I have been busy busy busy (I even mowed our lawns for Matthew, never done it in my life) and I have not thought once this year “I better get up and do something” which used to be a common thought for me during time off work.
2015 is going to be a completely new year for me, and not one with many resolutions ever, I have put down my only serious goal to be a more proactive person. I wasn’t extremely proactive before, I wasn’t lazy, but I wouldn’t go out to the garden and tidy or potter just cause it was there like I have this year- it would have to be really needing something before I would work in my spare time. The only thing I really was proactive about was my blog- and think how magnified that energy will be now.
I have big plans for AmberMarieMarie firstly  I plan to religiously write two posts a week this year- those going up sometime Monday’s and Saturday’s New Zealand time. I’ll have to update you on the time I will be posting on those days as I would like to really figure out what works best before committing. I also have a new theme in progress- you may have noticed some changes already, which is great to see them underway. My break from AmberMarieMarie really proved how much you all mean to me and how much I am enjoying hosting this blog- it is such a creative outlet and inspiring space for me and I hope you really enjoy it too.
This year has started off crazy and good and I hope the rest of the year stays this way

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