I just wanted to clear something up, I deem a lot of things necessities during Christmas season BUT some are majors that may apply to most.

This post isn’t going to have too many pretty pictures with fancy touches, this post is what is important to me during Christmas- the things I take for granted and the things I couldn’t do without ever during Christmas.

Number one is always going to be Family for me. My family is the most important thing for me always, not only this time of year. I can not go a Christmas without my mother and rest of immediate family (at least) present. I have a ton of family that I am blessed with and I can not handle a quiet christmas- it has to be loud and bustling and cheerful to feel right.ย I can go without most things on Christmas if my family are there with me. Adding on to this one you have to have at least one family meal together- and if family is not readily available get a friend over- sharing a meal in celebration is a necessity.

Laughter. This may sound cliched, but laughter is extremely important during Christmas- one day a year you can put any rival, taunt and grudge aside and bless everyone with your giving spirit.

Thanks, giving and sharing. In New Zealand we do not celebrate thanksgiving- Christmas is the time to be thankful for everyone around you and what you have, to share and to give. Some have more than others, and if you are one of the more fortunate help those in need to be thankful, even if its just taking ten minutes of your time.

Carols. Carols bring the Christmas spirit about. You cannot do without carols on Christmas- even if you have to sing them without music. It has to be.

Candles. Lights in general are needed during Christmas, fairy lights, lanterns- whatever it may be it has to be shimmering and lighting up the faces of those around you, keeping that christmas cheer alight all night.

These are the things I thrive on at Christmas, and I hope you enjoyed this impulse post. ย Merry Christmas my loves. Keep it up.

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Here are some photos I took last year of my Christmas found on my Instagram, oh sweet nostalgia.

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